About Us

Be a Mentor.

Pass down years of wisdom and street smarts to the next tycoon. Assist in getting them out of the “valley of death” and help them in crafting the correct business model.

Be an Angel.

Help MCOB owned businesses prosper through scaling up investments or guide budding budak koleq entrepreneurs build their start-up!

Be Brave(r).

If you want to explore new opportunities or start a new business, come over and let’s work on that pitch, idea or product that you have so that it can be a killer! Let’s connect the dots and match you with the best budak koleq in the business.

Be United.

Join our business directory or drop us an email at [email protected].

MCOBs has always excelled in what we do. It is time to continue the tradition. Help out our fellow budak koleq achieve their full potential.

About Us

MCOBA Business Directory is a portal managed by MCOBA ITCC and MCOBA Business Council. We provide an opportunity for all MCOBs to reach out your business and interact with others.

Principle that Apply

The business must be owned by Malay College Old Boy (with at least 10% shares in the company).

Do I need to Register?

Registration is compulsory. It gives you certain benefits – mainly, submit your listing, updates and the ability to claim and promote your business listing.